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Wool dreads calculator

On this page you can calculate how much wool roving you approximately need for making wooldreads. Before using the calculator, we advise you to read the tutorial if you are unfamiliar with terms like "single and double-ended wool dreads".

2 more important things:
As length you will need to fill in the desired length of the dread. If you like the wool dreads to be 50 cm from your head to the tip, then fill in 50 cm, regardless if you want double or single ended dreads. When you check Double ended dreads, the calculator will calculate the needed amount for 100 cm.

When you make a dreadlock from our wool roving it will become quite thick. By dividing the roving in two, you can make dreads of a normal thickness. And by splitting it again you can make thinner dreads. Next to Thickness, you choose one of these 3 options.

Length: cm
Single or double ended: Single Double
Thickness: Thick Normal Thin
Number of dreads:

You will need of wool roving: 5 meter

Important! Please keep in mind that the roving gets longer when you are making the dreads. A piece of 30 cm will give you a dread of about 36 cm. To calculate the piece you need to cut divide the desired length by 1,2. For example: if you want your dreadlock to be 50 cm: 50 / 1,2 = 42 cm. Cut a piece of 42 cm and you will end having a dread of about 50 cm. The calculator takes this already in account.

This calculator gives you an estimate of how much you need. It does not give you any guarantees. It is wise to calculate it yourself too.