Terms of purchase

These terms apply to all purchases done by consumers through the website They do not apply to wholesale orders. Dreadspullen is subjected to European law.

For simplified information about things like returning products, we advise you to see the FAQ.

  1. Definitions

    1. Contract: any agreement concerning the sale ordered on the website
    2. Order: contract between the buyer and Dreadspullen, initiated by the buyer.
    3. Buyer: the person who buys the goods as an individual, and does not use the goods for business, trade or profession;
    4. Cooling off period: the period in which the buyer can withdraw from his purchase after it has been delivered;
  2. Terms of purchase

    1. Dreadspullen makes the terms of purchase visible before the consumer confirms his order. The terms of purchase can be sent by mail if the consumer requests this.
    2. The terms of purchase apply to any contact between Dreadspullen and the buyer, regardless of the means of communication.
    3. Dreadspullen may revise the terms of purchase at any moment.
  3. The offered products

    1. Dreadspullen will display and describe the products as clearly and realistically as possible as is reasonable.
    2. Dreadspullen will not increase prices after the buyer has confirmed his order, unless the increase is caused by changed Dutch laws.
    3. Prices of the offered products include 21% VAT (if applicable), exclude shipping costs, and are shown in euros, unless mentioned otherwise.
  4. Cooling off period

    1. Buyers have a cooling off period of 14 days, starting from the day after the order has been delivered. Where you are withdrawing from your purchase within the cooling-off period, we will refund the cost of the product. You are however obligated to contact Dreadspullen before the end of the cooling off period. These types of producs do not not have a cooling off period and will therefore not be refunded:
      • Products made according to specifications of the buyer or personalised in another way
      • Products that are in a condition that make them unsaleable by Dreadspullen (eg piercing jewelry in unsealed packaging)
      • Products that are perishable or passed their expiry date
      • Audio, video and software delivered on a data carrier (like DVD or CD)
      • Newspapers, books or magazines
    2. During the cooling off period the buyer is allowed to return goods and get a refund. The buyer however is obliged to pay for the shipping and is responsible for the shipping of the goods back to Dreadspullen.
    3. Dreadspullen will refund if the products have not been used, are not damaged and have been received by Dreadspullen.
    4. When the buyer returns an order partially, Dreadspullen will arrange a refund of the returned products.
  5. The agreement

    1. The buyer states to agree to this agreement the moment he confirms his order.
    2. The buyer can cancel the agreement by not paying the order total or by taking advantage of the cooling off period. If Dreadspullen does not receive the payment, the order will be deleted from the database after 30 days.
    3. Refunds will take place within 30 days, if the buyer has followed the rules stated in the article "Cooling off period".
  6. The order

    1. Delivered products which the recipient did not order, are still owned by Dreadspullen. The recipient can be asked to return these products. In this case Dreadspullen will pay for the shipping.
    2. If the unwanted products are a result of an error of the buyer, he will be obliged to return the goods and see to the expenses.
    3. To make a compensation possible, the customer has the obligation to report missing, damaged and faulty product within 2 weeks after reception to Dreadspullen. In the case of damaged or faulty products, the customer needs to provide visual proof.
  7. Execution of the order

    1. Dreadspullen will do all that is reasonably practicable to execute the order as soon as possible and always within 30 days. If the delivery has to be delayed or if the order cannot or can only be partially executed, the buyer will be contacted ny email within 2 weeks after confirming the order. In this case the buyer has the right to cancel the order without costs.
    2. The consumer has to make sure that his email address and house address are correct at the moment of confirming the order. The consumer is obligated to report any errors in personal data to Dreadspullen as soon as possible by e-mail.
    3. Up to the moment of delivery Dreadspullen are liaible for damage and/or loss of ordered goods. Orders to other countries than the Netherlands however will only be reshipped maximum one more time, and only if the first shipment has no track & trace number. Dreadspullen is not responsible in case of misspelled addresses by the buyer and mailboxes that are too small to receive envelopes up to 32 mm.
    4. Dreadspullen are in no way liable for delays in shipping time. Dreadspullen provide an estimate of shipping time, as provided by the used mail service on the website and in confirmation emails.
  8. Payments

    1. If the buyer has chosen the pay method Pay in advance, he will need to make sure the payment has been received within 30 days by Dreadspullen. Dreadspullen cannot guarantee that the order / ordered products are still available after 30 days. There are no consequences to the buyer if he does not pay.
    2. Dreadspullen will supply the buyer with accurate and sufficient information to make a wire payment according to EU-regulations. Bank fees, resulting from not paying according to EU-regulations, will be charged to the buyer.
    3. Customers who live outside the EU may have to pay custom fees and VAT. Dreadspullen can not be held responsible for this and will supply the customs with an accurate packing list.