Making wool dreads

Wool dreads can look cool as add on to your own dreadlocks. Wool is light weight and does not irrtate your scalp. All colours and colour combinations are possible and you can make them yourself.

In this tutorial we'll explain how you can make a double ended wool dreads in one colour (the pictures were made during the making of single ended dreads, but the description is for double ended dreads).

What you need

Uncut roving
  1. Wool roving, suitable for wet felting. The roving sold by Dreadspullen is very good for wet felting. The roving is cleaned and dyed and already a bit shaped for dreads.
  2. Soap. Dreadspullen sells olive soap, which is suitable and soft for your skin. Other soaps should also do the job, but make sure it is not pH neutral.
  3. Bowl or bucket with very hot water.
  4. 1 or 2 towels
  5. A surface that may be wetted, for example the kitchen slab.
  6. A place to let your dreads drip and dry

1. The wool roving

Start by cutting the roving into pieces of the right length. The finished wool dreads will be about 20% longer than the piece of roving. A piece of 30 cm will get you a dread of about 36 cm.
The easiest thing to make is a double ended wool dread. You make one long dread which you attach in the middle to your own dread. If your own dread is 30 cm, your double ended wool dread should be 60 cm. The roving needs to be cut at 50 cm in this case. (Divide the desired length of the wool dread by 1,2 to get the correct lengt of the roving.)This wool needs to be teased out
When using the wool from Dreadspullen: the roving will result in pretty thick dreads. You can split the roving in two for medium thick dreads or split again for thinner dreads.

If you want to make sure you calculate the right amount of required wool roving for your project, use our wool dreads calculator.

Once you've cut the roving, you'll need to tease it out a but. Do this to prevent creases and flat dreads when you start rolling the roving later on.

2. Into the water

Fill your bucket or bowl with very hot water that you can still stand. Add a bit of olive soap (or other soap as you wish).

CAREFULLY push the wool under the water

When the soap has dissolved, put one piece of roving in. Keep it in the water for about 2 minutes. You can push it gently under water, to get it soaked well.

Information: the hot water and soap make the scales on the fibers open op. When pressure is applied you can make any desired shape. Once the woolstarts cooling off and the moisture gets out of the wool, the scales close again and the wool maintains it shape. This is the process of wet felting.

3. Shape it

Deze wolsliert is doordrenkt

When the wool is well soaked, take it carefully out of the water. Pick it up while holding the end of it. Put it gently down and start rolling immediately. You may choose your own method: if you prefer rolling the wool between your hand (like palm rolling real dreads), just do it. It is okay to put a lot of pressure on the wool. Just make sure that the wool stays wet. In the middle you should apply extra pressure and pull the dread a little. The center of the doubled ended dread is the portion that you will attach to your own dread. That is why this part may be thinner.

Hard rollen met natte wol om de juiste vorm te krijgen

If you're not satisfied, you can soak the dread - or a portion of it - in the hot water. Than start to shape it again. We do not advise you to roll the dread on a towel: this will absorb the water from the dread, which is not too practical if you need the time top shape the wool dread.

4. Leave it to dry

Once you have your compact wool dread, hang it somewhere to dry, preferably near your heater. We found S hooks to be very practical.

5. Attach

There are several ways to attach double ended wool dreads to your own dreadlocks, with or without rubber band. 2 examples:

  1. With rubber band

    Fold over the middle of the double ended wool dread over the base of your own dread.
    Now make a short braid (with the wool dread on the left and right side over your real lock) and fix it with a rubber band.
  2. Attach a wool dread without rubber band
  3. Without rubber band

  4. Pull the middle of the double ended wool dread through the base of your dreadlock. You will now see a loop sticking out of the base. Now take the ends of the wool dread through the loop and pull firmly. Voila! You have attached the wool dread without rubber band. You can also poul your real dreadlock through the loop, whatever you prefer.


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Unfortunately we do not have much time (nor the experience) to answer your wool dread making questions by email. If you have questions, you might want to try this forum: There are a lot of people there with experience who might want to help you.