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Best reasons to order from

The top-5 reasons why you could decide to order from

1. A huge selection

Dreadspullen have over 1000 products for dreads, piercings and also lots of other products.
For dreadlocks we have for example dread beads, headbands, tams, wax, shampoo, needles and other dreadlock care products; like from Knotty Boy and Dr. Bronner.
Furthermore you'll find Piercing jewelry, like plugs.
Also take a look at the category miscellanious (for some cool badges, shoe laces and key chains).
Our selection of products gets larger and larger; since we started in 2006 we've been adding one product a day on average. All these products on 1 website give you an advantage: you can order them at once and don't have to pay enormous amounts for shipping. An interesting extra is that you can only order what we have in stock. This means we can pack and ship your order fast.

2. Crystal clear shipping costs

The website automatically calculates shipping costs, based on weight, the type of shipment (envelope or box) and the country you live in. You can see the shipping costs already as you add products to you shopping cart. And in case you do belong to the 1% where the website is wrong, we will contact you and you can cancel the order without problems (which you can do anyway, as long as it has not been shipped yet). Curious about our shipping costs? Take a look here: Shipping.

3. Discount for loyal customers

Once you've ordered for 30 euro worth of products, you will automatically receive a discount on every order. You start with 1% product discount and this will increase to 10%! When you place your first order, you create an account. The only thing you need to do, is use the same account every time you order. In case you've changed your email address or you have moved, you can simply edit your account data and continue enjoying your discount. All information about the loyal customer discount: Loyal customer discount

4. No minimum order quantity

At we do not have a minimum order quantity. If you wish to buy 1 bead for 0,05 euro, then that is fine with us! Obviously you will relatively pay more for shipping, but the website already shows you exactly how much we charge for shipping, before you checkout.

5. Personal wishlist

With your account of you can add products to your wishlist. This way you can take a look around and decide later which products you would like to buy. From your wishlist you can easily add products to your cart. Your account also allows you to upload photos (see photos from customers here: Customers' photos), see the status of your order and subscribe to the newsletter.