You can pay with iDEAL, PayPal / creditcard, cheque or bank wire transfer.


iDEAL is available for customers with an address in the Netherlands, and can be used right away if you are already banking online with one of the participating Dutch banks. For iDEAL payments we charge a € 0,90 fee. After confirming your order you can pay for your order right away.


For PayPal payments, and creditcard payments made with PayPal, we charge a € 1,- fee. After confirming your order you can pay for your order right away. To pay with PayPal with your creditcard a PayPal account is not needed.

Bank wire transfer

If you pay in advance through bank wire transfer, you transfer the order total to our bank account.
Bank account holder's name: Dreadcat
Bank account:
IBAN: NL93 INGB 0004 8935 48

Address of Dreadspullen:
Agnietenstraat 42
6822 JV Arnhem
PLEASE quote your order number.

Wait with doing the bank transfer / sending your cheque until you have received our mail with payment instructions. Thank you!

FAQ Shipping & payment

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  3. Can I pay with PayPal or credit card?
  4. Have you received my payment?
  5. Can Dreadspullen send me an email when my payment has been received, or if the order has been shipped?
  6. I have transfered the money. How long will it take before I get my dread stuff?
  7. I do not live in the Netherlands. Is it possible to transfer money into your bank account?