Maintenance & making

Dreads after maintenance: no more loose hairs

It is possible to make and maintain your own dreadlocks. Before you can start making dreads, it is very advisable to read a lot about this. And, it can be very time-consuming and hard (the back of your head!), but rewarding. Another option is to let someone else do it, like Linda from Dreadspullen, or someone near you with experience.

Loose hairs, loops and bumps can be dealt with in many different ways. If you think it is too much work for you, you can not do the back of your head, or you just want to give your dreads a treat, seek an experienced dreadlock specialist.

More about dread maintenance and dreadlocks making

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(NOTE: emails about how to make or maintain dreadlocks will not be replied to. Check out the existing messageboards where many people are willing to help you. See the More about dreads page)