More about dreads

For most people with dreads, dreadlocks are more than just a hairstyle and the choice was made whole-heartidly. There are many reasons that can make you decide to have dreadlocks, from fashion to religion. Whatever your reason is, as dreadlock owner you'll want the best for your dreads. On this page you'll find links to informative webpages.


Dreadspullen occasionally makes webpages with explanation how to do things yourself.

- Dread wrap tutorial
- Make peyote stitch sleeves
- Make wool dreads


Links to provide you with extra information on the care and backgrounds of dreadlocks. But you'll also find sites of people who make dreads, product websites and messageboards. Do you know an interesting, non-commercial, website that should be in this list? Let us know! If you have a website about dreadlocks with links, we could perhaps do a link exchange.

Maintenance and making of dreads
Other links

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