Privacy policy

Storage and usage of personal data

In order to execute orders the following data are stored in our database: first name, last name, street and number, postcode, city, country, telephone number and email address. We use this solely for sending orders and we will never sell your data to or provide third parties. We only supply personal data to third parties when this is required for the processing of your order (e.g. your name and address to postal services).

We use cookies which expire after 15 days. No personal data or stored in cookies, only the data that are necessary to make the website function properly. It is necessary to know which products you have in your cart, what your language preference and screen resolution are.
Our AddThis script also places one cookie on your computer. This cookie is solely to display the number of shares on a page. In this case it is purely functional for you as a visitor, and by no means for tracking your clicking behaviour.
We also use Google Analytics in order to improve our website. Google Analytics store cookies on your device, but we opted for anonymising IP addresses, so data can not be tracked to a single user.

Period of storage

Personal data will be kept for one year after the last login. If you would like your data to be removed sooner, please send an email with your request.


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