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newsletter | August 2008

Dear Dreadspullen customers, after a summer loaded with festivals whe are totally ready for the webshop again. We've got tons of new products, including fair trade products, which we are really pleased with. And are you a bit handy with digital photocameras? Scroll down to 3. Upload your photo and win!

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In this newsletter:

  1. Festival fever
  2. New products: fair trade products and more
  3. Upload your photo and win!
  4. Expected: dread beads and hats
  5. On the net: nice hairstyles for dreadlocks

1. Festival fever

The festival season is almost over, but you have one more chance to visit our stall. Sunday 31 august we will be at the Rastaplas festival in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands.
You will not only find products from the website in our stall, but also some unique peyote stitch sleeves. These are all handmade by Dreadspullen and will be for sale starting at 5 euro each. The weather forecast is tropical for this sunday, and the entrance to the festival is free. Perhaps we'll meet then!

Dreadspullen were also at the festivals Irie Vibes and Reggae Geel. An Irie Vibes photo album can be found on our website.

2. New products: fair trade products and more

We have been adding quite some new products, so below is only a selection.

We are very pleased to have fair trade products for sale. Our supplier is a member of a Brtish fair trade organisation. This way we can be sure that for example no children have been involved producing these products. Here are some of the fair trade products:

Fair trade hemp cap

€ 12,90

Crocheted purple headband with flower, also available in red

€ 8,90
Large, knitted beanie, partly from recycled material

€ 13,90

Besides our new fair trade products, we also have some other novelties, like:

Thin, synthetic dreads, nice as a add-on to your dreadlocks

Starting at € 1,20 for a double-ended dread
Ladybug bead, hole: 5 mm

€ 1,20
Wool dreads kit for 5 persons, ideal for children's parties, includes a description for making the dreads

€ 19,90

You can always check our special offers at, the newest articles can be found on An overview of all beads, sorted by holesize, is here: Piercing jewelry by gauge size can be found on this page:

3. Upload your photo and win!

You might already know it, but on you can view photos made by customers. We are really happy to see that so many customers already uploaded their pics, and we have some good news: Tuesday 2 september we will give away 3 prizes of 10 euro (a credit to spend on The winners will receive an email that evening.

The most important rules: every photo equals 1 chance. Photos that already won a prize, do not compete anymore. To join, your photo needs to be approved. The photo should be uploaded through the website, please don't email us your photo(s). More info about uploading pics: FAQ. Good luck!

4. Expected: dread beads and hats

We've got loads of new product coming, including dread beads and hats. Keep looking at the website, because the next couple of weeks we will be adding them. An impression:

Small Tibetan tube
Black, ribbed hat with rasta colours

€ 15,90
Millefiori dread bead

5. Cool hairstyles for dreadlocks

We often get requests if we do not know some nice hairstyles for dreadlocks... well on the internet there are plenty of nice hairstyles to find:

  1. Dread hairstyles on I
  2. Dread hairstyles on II
  3. Pretty braid on
  4. Dread hairstyle videos on Youtube

Dready greetings from Linda!

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