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newsletter | April 2008

Dear Dreadspullen customer, the website has been expanded quite a bit the past few months. Dreadspullen does not only have dreadlock products for you, but also (just some examples of new product categories): badges, shoelaces, scarves and piercing jewelry. In this newsletter you'll read more about expected and new products, the launch of a new website and how to get your hands on free goodies.

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In this newsletter:

  1. Expected soon: hats, patches and liquid filled piercing jewelry
  2. Headwraps
  3. New products: veggie DreadFX, beads, new colours felting wool
  4. Sweatshop free and unique: the homemade products from
  5. Free goodies

1. Expected soon: hats, patches and liquid filled piercing jewelry

Within a few weeks we expect to receive the ribbed hats again, with a new colour added: light grey. Furthermore we will get iron-on patches and pretty piercing jewelry for your stretched earlobes: like handmade liquid filled spirals and coils. These are real pretty, so keep checking the website! An impression of the expected new items:

2. Headwraps!

Dreadwraps (or "head wraps") are an unbeatable hit in the webshop! You can wear them in many ways and they are not just for people with dreads. If you've got hair that is difficult to style, you can just grab a headwrap on a bad hair day!

Because the headwraps are quite popular and Dreadspullen is the exclusive importer, a new website has been launched: Here you will find the same headwraps as on, but there are more photo's and links. Shops considering to expand their product line with headwraps, can also visit

It can be a bit hard when you want to use a headwrap for the first time, but take your time to practise a little! To help you out, a tutorial can be found online. But there are more things you can do with a headwrap. This is a very good start with multiple methods: More links can be found at

The headwrap here on the left is one that consists of 3 colour blocks. I first put my dreadlocks in a high ponytail and twisted my dreadlocks a bit around the elastic. Then I wrapped the headwrap tightly around my head and tucked in the ends. Some dreadlocks stuck out a bit so I just put them back in to make it look less messy. Good luck!

3. New products: veggie DreadFX, beads, new colours felting wool

I've been adding new products on pretty much a daily basis, so this is just a small selection of the new additions:

DreadFX: vegan. To nourish and keep your dreads clean, DreadFX came up with a vegan version of the loc buttah and shampoo bar

€ 18,90 / € 9,90

A pair of earrings (hoops) for wearing with eyelets. Available in steel colour, black and red

€ 4,90 per pair
New colours wool roving: hot pink, light pink, light green and turquoise

€ 1,50 per meter ( 25 grams)
Long & flat black elastic (to use as headband)

€ 0,50
Metal tube with black and transparant strass stones, hole: 7,5 mm

€ 3,75
Wide (1,7 cm) shoe laces with black and white checker pattern

€ 3,90

You can always check our special offers at, the newest articles can be found on An overview of all beads, sorted by holesize, is here: Piercing jewelry by gauge size can be found on this page:

4. Sweatshop free and unique: the homemade products from

Because of your demand for large showercaps for dreadheads, and the fact that regular XL / superize showercaps found elsewhere are not particulary large either, I decided to design and make them myself! In the meanwhile the assortment of homemade products has been expanded further with some nice headbands. These are pretty wide, so you can for example wear them in combination with a high ponytail like on the 3rd photo here:

Some of the products that are Made by Dreadspulllen:

Green showercap with lace (very large)

€ 14,90
Wide dark blue-white striped headband

€ 5,90
Wide dark purple headband with retro flowers

€ 6,90

5. Free goodies

Loyal customers can alreaady profit from their loyal customer discount that can save you up to 10%, but there are more ways you can profit from shopping at!:

1. Those who uploaded their product photo have a chance to win a scarf from the new category Scarves, on Sunday 20th April, at 21:00 (Amsterdam time). Every photo on the page customers' photos equals 1 chance to win one of the three scarves. Other rules: when you win with your photo, that photo will not count fur the following give-aways. You cannot win more than 1 prize. Winners are chosen randomly by a computer. If you've won, you will receive a notification by email to which you have to respond within a week. Good luck!
2. When you order for 5 of more euro worth of producs, you will automatically receive a Dreadspullen sticker
3. When you order 1 or more hand painted or handmade dotted beads, you will receive a free dread bead (as long as stock lasts). This bead is also handmade and hand painted in bright colours.

Dready greetings from Linda!

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