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newsletter | November 2007

Dear customers of, the days are getting shorter and that means the Christmas days are coming! We have not been sitting around, so there are lots of new products, like some beautiful large hats and wide headbands. Furthermore we have improved the website and we have some tips to give you as December is quite a busy month: how to make sure you get your goodies as quick as possible?

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In this newsletter:

  1. Hats, hats and more
  2. Attention to all the Santa Clauses out there!
  3. Some tips for using the website
  4. The dreadtool: a mini version
  5. Are you still registered with a Hotmail address?
  6. New dreadlock care products

1. Hats, hats and more

In the last couple of weeks we got a lot of new products in, for example quite some new hats with brim. A tiny selection:

Knitted, ribbed hat (100% cotton), available in green, brown and black

€ 15,90

Knitted darkblue hat with white stripes (100% cotton)

€ 14,90
Black hat with rasta colours

€ 14,90
Hat solid color with diamond pattern (100% cotton), available in green, brown, and black

€ 14,90
Small, light wooden bead with strass stones

€ 0,15
Superwide (30 cm), sturdy band with tails, rainbow colours, als in available in black and black-green stripes

€ 14,90

You can always check our special offers at, the newest articles can be found on An overview of all beads, sorted by holesize, is here:

2. Attention to all the Santa Clauses men out there! could be a good place to do some christmas shopping for a (fellow) dreadhead. Think for example our homemade products that are only for sale at The month of December means it is going te be busy; we are prepared and so are the postal services, but it might be handy for you to know what's the best way to get your order as quick as possible. Some important notices:

  1. We will check incoming payments more often, in order to get your goodies shipped as quick as possible.
  2. International bank wire transfers can easily take up to a week. We therefore advise you to pay with PayPal / Creditcard: this costs 1 euro extra, but the payment is processed immediately. Bank wire transfers within the Netherlands are obviously quicker than international ones, but can still take up to 2 days to get to our bank account. Use our Postbank account if you have Postbank account, and transfer to our Triodos bankaccount if you also have a bankaccount.
  3. Shipping times may be extended. From experience we can tell:
    • Delivery within in the Netherlands can experience 1 to a few days delay in the 2 weeks prior to Christmas.
    • Delays in other countries can be more extreme. From some customers last year we heard that Standard mail can be 3 times as slow as normally. Therefore we advise you to choose the Priority option on checkout. Even Priorirty mail can be a bit delayed, but it is still much quicker, especially when combined with PayPal-/Creditcard payment.

Most orders will ofcourse not experience that much delay, but we thought it might handy for you to know how you can get your ordered stuff within the hortest amount of time. And the sooner we have received the payment, the sooner you will get it! Dreadspullen wish you very good Christmas and fast mail delivery!

3. Some tips for using the website

The website has some handy features that you perhaps haven't discovered yet. For example:

  • All information on 1 page: in the past few years a lot of information pages appeared on the Dreadspullen website. From now on you can reach all the information pages from 1 main information page.
  • Email when your order has been shipped: you will automatically receive an email when we've shipped your order. If a Track & Trace number is available, we will provide that as well in the email.
  • Wishlist and cart contents visible: when you are surfing through the product pages on our website, you will always see your wishlist items, the items in your cart and the most popular products in the current categorie. You do need to be logged in for the wishlist feature.
  • The website is translated into Franšais and Deutsch. Perhaps your English is very good, but: you might know someone in Europe that is looking for dread products. The site has for a large part been checked by native speakers (thanks Youri & Franzi!), but if you still find errors, we will appreciate it if you could let us know. And we ofcourse ship throughout Europe, as well as some other countries (eg. USA, Canada, Australia).
  • Some old, but perhaps handy features:

  • View new products since your last visit: you probably already know the page with newest products. When you are logged in, you will also see a link where you can see the products that have been added since your last visit. This way you won't overlook any products!
  • Loyal customer disocunt: yes, it's still there! When you've bought for over 30 euro in product value, you will get a discount on your following order. And the more you've bought, the higher the discount! On your account page you will see how much discount you will get (if you have bought for over 30 euro).

4. The dreadtool: a mini version!

You probably know the Dread tool: a sort of crochet hook with a latch, which prevents the hook from sticking in your dread whn you pull it back. If you have firm dreadlocks, the dreadtool may be too large. And that's why it is now in a mini version!

All dreadtools work in the same way: you stick the tool through your dread, sticking out where the loose hairs are (2). Take the losse hairs and put them behind the hook. And then gently pull the tool back (3). This way you can 'sew' loose hairs through your dreadlock.

Because of it's smaller size, you can use it on firmer dreads. The Dreadtool mini costs 2,90 euro and comes with a protective cap. Perhaps a solution to get through the Christmas days without loose hairs?

5. Are you still registered with a Hotmail address?

If you receive this newsletter on a Hotmail account, we advise you to change you email address on our website. Why? Because the Hotmail servers 'decided' some time ago to refuse most of our emails. And that is pretty annoying: you place and order and then you don't receive a single bit of information through mail from us because of this. The folders Spam and Deleted items do not contain our email either. This is why at you need to provide an other email address if you would like to order. A manual:

  1. In case you do not have another email address, you can simply apply for a free one. For example at
  2. If your new email address is working, you can enter this one at First you login with your Hotmail address (that's the one that you are known with). Then on your account page you fill in your new email address and save it as well.
    (If you forgot your password, click "Forgot password?" and that's where you fill in your Hotmail-address. We will send you an email with password, which you can use to login and do what's written here above)
  3. Now you can confirm your order and receive our confirmation emails. Do not forget that you have to use your new email address when you login next time. A final tip: when you register for a Gmail account you can let Gmail forward your emails; check the settings menu from Gmail.

6. New dreadlock care products

Dread Head HQ has some new dreadlock care products which we finally got hold of!

Dread Butta
Moisturizing 'butta' for a groomed look

€ 15,90
Dreadlicious, Cherry bomb
A nourishing spray which make your dreads smell lovely

€ 12,90
To comb out dreads more easily (and then make new ones shortly after ;-))

€ 15,90

Dready greetings from Linda!

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