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newsletter | January 2007

As far as Dreadspullen concerns 2007 will be great year for dreadlock lovers: we give a discount throughout the year to our loyal customer from 2006, it's almost our first birthday which means this months is full of special offers!

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In this news letter:

  1. Loyal customer discount
  2. Sale sale sale!
  3. Busy dread maintenance times
  4. Let op: log in om je account in leven te houden
  5. Linktips
  6. Korting voor kappers / winkeleigenaren

1. Loyal customer discount

Were you a customer at Dreadspullen in 2006? Did you buy at least 30 euro wirth of products? Than you probably get a discount this year! If you login on the website and go to "My account" you'll see the percentage of discount you will get (that is, if you bought at least for 30 euro of products).

The discount overview:

Spent on products last year:


From To
30 euro 50 euro 1 %
50 euro 75 euro 2 %
75 euro 100 euro 3 %
100 euro 150 euro 4 %
150 euro 250 euro 5 %
250 euro 500 euro 7 %
500 euro n.v.t. 10 %

ERead more about the discount system:

2. Sale sale sale

January is sales month at Dreadspullen! Visors, hats and a lot of wooden and plastic beads have lower prices now. See all offers on
A tiny selection:

Extra wide visor, good quality. In black.
Was € 9,90, now for € 7,90
Extra wide, black visor
Super beads with 10 mm hole. In black, light wood colour, dark purple and dark brown.
Was € 0,90, now for € 0,55
Super bead dark brown
Large winter hats in several colours. Limited stock!
Was € 12,90, now for € 9,90
Winter hat with scarf, white
Small wood barrels, with 5 mm hole: lower price!
All colours: was euro; 0,14, now for € 0,12
Houten tonnetje, donkergroen
Comfortable visor (L/XL). In orange, light pink, dark blue and purple.
Was € 7,90, now for€ 5,90
Comfortable visor (L/XL) in orange
Thick knitted visor in grey or black.
Was € 8,90, now for € 6,90

All special offers can be viewed at, the newest articles are here:

3. Busy dread maintenance times

Perhap syou already read it: we have a busy schedule and unfortunately we do not make appointments for new customers who would like dread maintenance. I fyou woul dlike to have dreads made, or have already visited us once for dread maintenance, you can make an appointment. Kindly note that we are booked for three months, so don't wait too long to make an appointment. When we can serve new customers again, we'll let you know.

4. Log in to keep your account alive

We mentioned it in the last letter, but this time it is serious! If you haven't logged in for over a year, your account will be deleted. This also means that you order information will be deleted and your discount (if applicable). To prevent this, you just need to log in with your email address and password.
If your account expires in 2 weeks, you will receive a remind email from us.

5. Link tip: thousands of dreadlock photos.

This time only one link, but one with thousands of photos.

Dreadlocks on (Engels)

6. Wholesale

We are happy to announce that Dreadspullen has become disctributor for DreadFX! This means that you can get DreadFX and Dread Head HQ products from Dreadspullen with a large discount if you are a reseller; we also offer a limited collection of beads. You do have to be registered woth your authorities as a company. Send a mail for more information

Dready greetings from Linda!

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