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newsletter | November 2006

The days get shorter and darker, but Dreadspullens happily keeps on expanding; since a week there's a whole new bunch of hats and visors online and new beads can be expected any moment now.

In deze nieuwsbrief:

  1. New hats
  2. Lower prices for metal rings with flower
  3. Need dread maintenance?
  4. Attention: log in to keep your account alive
  5. Link tips

1. New hats

All kinds of new visors and hats are ready to be ordered/ Because there are many new types and colours, you'll find a preview here;:

Sturdy, extra wide visor. In army green or black.
€ 9,90
Extra wide visor in army green
Dreadcap made of corduroy. In black.
€ 10,90
Small corduroy dreadcap
Winterhat with flower, plus scraf. In wit, salmon, light pink, red, black, brown and army green.
€ 12,90
Winter hat with flower
Beautiful crocheted draedcap. In black/grey/white, hot pink/light pink/white, dark blue/light blue/grey and dark brown/beige/white.
€ 13,90
Gehaakte dreadcap
Comfortable visor (L/XL). In orange, light pink, dark blue en purple.
€ 7,90
Comfortable visor (L/XL) in orange
Wintermuts met sjaal. In wit, zalmroze, lichtroze en rood.
€ 12,90

You can always take a look at the newest 15, 30 or 45 products at

2. Lower prices for metal rings with flower

Metal rings with flower

Dreadspullen sells metal rings, which have enamel and gold coloured wire on them. The price was 0,95 euro en will now be 75 eurocents! Besides the colours white, blue, green and red two new colours will be added: black and orange.

3. Need dread maintenance?

Linda from Dreadspullen does, as you might know, dread maintenance. Due to the work for the webshop and the fact that many people are interested in dread maintenance, Linda is making appointments for the end of January already! Please remeber this when you want to make an appointment.

4. Log in to keep your account alive

You receive this newsletter, because you have an account at If you haven't logged in for a year, your account will be automatically deleted. All you need to do to prevent this, is log in on the website with your email address and password. That way, you will be notified of the newsletter.
If your email address, address or phonenumber ha changed, you ghave to edit your account yourself on the website. Please do not create a new account: we have plans for our loyal customers.

5. Link tip: no limits for the love for dreadlocks

The dreadlocking process can be found in many blogs

Dreadlock Journey van Steph Moore
Website van Erguitarplyr
The year of Locing carefully

Dready greetings from Linda!

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