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newsletter | May 2007

This newsletter is filled with new products and DIY tips; from now on you can buy all the things you need to make peyote stitch sleeves yourself and we show you what you can do with a dreadlock wrap. As usual you can also view some of the newest products in this newsletter.

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In this news letter:

  1. Making peyote stitch sleeves
  2. New products
  3. Dread wraps
  4. Attention customers with a Hotmail/MSN/Live address
  5. Priority shipping for customers outside the Netherlands

1. Making peyote stitch sleeves

You have probably seen our peyote stitch sleeves when you were browsing the website. This are beautiful dread jewels, but pricey due to the fact that they are made by hand, out of tiny glass beads. Are you a creative person? Then you can make them yourself, with some help from the tutorial and the necessary supplies that you can find in the webstore.

Once you have got the hang of it, you will be able to make them in just an hour! A peyote stitch sleeve is always unique and perfect as a personal gift to someone who has dreadlocks.

2. New products

All the 45 newest additions to the store can be viewed at

Here is a tiny preview of al the new products:

a. Care

Knotty Boy All Purpose soap bars, for older dreadlocks and those typical holiday washing jobs, like washing clothes and showering. In 3 smells: fresh cut grass, patchouli love and spearmint tingle
€ 9,50
Pathcouli love, all purpose soap bar from Knotty Boy
Crocheting needles deluxe. In 0,6 mm and 1,25 mm, with cover to take the needle with you.
€ 3,25
Crochet hook deluxe
More crocheting needles...
Needle with blunt tip and large eye, to pull loose hairs into your dreads. Suitable for roots of dreadlocks of all ages.
€ 0,40
Needle with blunt tip and large eye
More needles...

b. Accessories

Thick elastic in white and turquoise.
€ 0,50
Thick elastic, white
More elastics...
3-in-1 head band, black, should be part of everyone's collection, 1 size.
€ 2,90
Confortable, black 3-in-1-head band
Head band with squares, in several 'happy' colours. Suitable for size XS to M.
Just € 1,90!

More headbands...

All the special offers can be viewed at, the latest products are at

3. Dread wraps

new in the shop: the category Dread wraps. By consutmer requeset we have been looking for some nice dread wraps which are for sale from now on. (This stock is limited, so order quick!)

To give you some help we made a tutorial which shows 2 methods to use a dread wrap. Read the tutorial here:

4. Attention customers with a Hotmail/MSN/Live address

In April customers with a Hotmail, MSN or Live address did not receive our confirmation emails when they ordered. The mails were sent but blocked by Hotmaal for (still) unknown reasons. Very annoying, especially as Hotmail did not respond to several requests for a solution. To prevent this from happening again we ask you to help us out!

If your email address contains @hotmail, @live or @msn: change this in your account date to an other email address, for example a Gmail address. Do not forget to use your new email address at the next login.

If you do not wish to receive this newsletter anymore: do not mark it as Spam on your email website, but change this on your account page at, or simply reply to this newsletter that you don't wish to receive it anymore. Thank you!

5. Priority shipping for customers outside the Netherlands

For customers who live outside the Netherlands it is now possible to opt for Priority shipping. As a default the site shows you the veapest shipping rate, which is Standard mail. The website now also gives the topion to choose for Priority on checkout. At the checkout you can also see how much extra this costs.

For an even quicker shipment, we advise you to pay with PayPal! An international bank wire transfer is known to take as much as 9 days, while a PayPal payment (extra fee: 1 euro) the payment is instant.

Dready greetings from Linda!

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