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newsletter | February 2012

O, we are so happy with the latest Dr. Bronner products: the cutest small bottles with liquid organic soap! And we received a new load of Gemski stuff, including a new head band. And we have some good news for international customers!

You can always check our special offers at, the newest articles can be found on An overview of all dread beads, sorted by holesize, is here: Piercing jewelry by gauge size can be found on this page:

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In this newsletter:

  1. Dr. Bronner news
  2. Restocked and new: Gemski's headtubes
  3. Lower international shipping fees
  4. New products

1. Dr. Bronner news

New mini bottles of 60 ml from Dr. Bronner

So cute, those new small bottles of Dr. Bronner. We have them in all 8 flavours, for 3,50 € per bottle. Perfect as a gift, to try new scents or to use while travelling; besides shampoo, this soap can serve to do your dishes or wash your skin and clothes.

4 new body lotions

Dr. Bronner body lotions

Besides the small bottles of soaps, we have also added 4 new Dr. Bronner's body lotions. These are also organic and fair trade. A real treat for your skin! Available in Lavender-coconut, peppermint, patchouli-lime and orange-lavender. 11,90 € for 237 ml.


We're not done yet: within 2 weeks we expect liquid soaps fromn Dr. Bronner in a new size: 472 ml. Big, available in all scents for 12,90 € per bottle. So keep an eye on the website.

Free samples

To do you a favour (at least, we hope so) you will receive a free sample of a Dr. Bronner's products with every Dr. Bronner's product your order. Don't wait too long order, as our samples stock is limited!

2. Restocked and new: Gemski's headtubes

In November we told you we were very proud of stocking Gemski's products. Gemski also made us a new product with here magic finger knitting technique.

Handmade purple-gold headband by Gemski
New: Handmade headband - purple-mauve-gold. Made of very thick yarn resulting in a beautiful structure. 12,90 €
Handmade black rasta dreadtube
Dreadtube in black with rasta stripes. A tightly fitting hat to keep your head warm, and show off your dreads. Also available in green with brown. 15,90 €
handmade emerald head band
Wide headband in petrol with some moss green and shades of red. 12,90 €

3. Lower international shipping fees

3D-man lifting parcels

Good news! International shipping up to 2 kilograms is cheaper is of today. (Not for customers in the Netherlands, France and attached territories). In the tabel below you will find the new rates, and the percentage it has been lowered compared to the previous rates. Shipping an envelope until 50 grams for example has become 20% cheaper.

Max. weight EU1* + Switzerland * Norway, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand
50 gr. 2,00 €(-20%) 2,90 € (-26%)
100 gr. 2,40 € (-4%) 3,50 € (-10%)
250 gr. 4,80 € (-2%) 8,90 € (10%)
500 gr. 6,90 € (-5%) 10,90 € (-8%)
750 gr. 7,90 € (-27%) 12,90 € (-19%)
1000 gr. 9,90 € (-3%) 14,90 € (-6%)

* EU1: Belgium, Gemany, UK, Ireland, Spain, Luxembourg, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Portugal, Liechtenstein, Malta. We also ship to other European countries, please refer to international shipping rates.

NB: would you like to know the exact rate for your your order, to your address? Add products to your cart on, and the website will show you.
One last hint: on the shopping cart page you will find how much grams you may add for the same shipping rate. Use it in your advantage!

4.New products

We have, as usual, been adding lots of new products. Would you like to see all new products, since your last visit? Log in on the website and go the page with new products since your last visit.

Comfortable ddark blue head band
Comfortable dark blue head band. € 2,75
Yaoh veganistische dreadzeep, geschikt voor jonge dreads
Yaoh vegan soap - citrus, suitable for young dreads. 8,90 €
Yaoh veganistische lippenbalsem kokos met SPF15
Yaoh vegan lipbalm coconut with hemp seed oil. SPF15. 3,50 €

Wide, knitted head wrap and scarf in one. In black and dark purple. 8,90 €
Reddish brown dread beadReddish brown glass dread bead. 0,45 €
Elastic necklace with wood colourful beads. 3,50 €. More jewelry.

Dready greetings from the Dreadspullen team!

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