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newsletter | December 2011

Dear customer, curious about the latest product, promos and other news? Good! We've got new handmade headwear, but also a lot of restocked products. And how about this: free shipping on all orders over 30 euro, from 1 to 10 december 2011!

You can always check our special offers at, the newest articles can be found on An overview of all dread beads, sorted by holesize, is here: Piercing jewelry by gauge size can be found on this page:

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In this newsletter:

  1. Handmade, for dreadheads
  2. Restocked: dread beads, felting needles and headwraps
  3. Dreadspullen on Twitter, Hyves and Facebook
  4. Free shipping until 10 December
  5. Shipping delays in December
  6. Free samples with Dr. Bronner's products

1.Handmade, for dreadheads

Hand made hats and head bands for dreads

Recently added on the website, and with a lot of positive feedback: Gemski'shand made head bands and dread tubes for dreads. They're mad of nice thick yarn, of 30% wool and 70% acrylic. That means warm, stretchy and beautiful quality. As it contains wool, we advise to wash them by hand in lukewarm water.

What's special, is that the headband and dreadtubes are made using the finger knitting technique; no knitting needles and literally made by hand. We have 3 models in stock and more coming up soon. If you have colour wishes, then let us know please! Purple, black, white, yellow, green, orange: your wish is our command.

The headwear

Dread tube in dark green with brown. A tight fitting hat to keep you warm, and give room to your dreads. € 15,90

Dread tube in black with rastastripes. A tight fitting hat to keep you warm, and give room to your dreads. € 15,90

Wide headband in petrol with some moss green and shades of red. € 12,90

2. Restocked: dread beads, felting needles and headwraps

A lot of products are back in stock: amongst other dread beads, felting needles and dread wraps (available in over 30 colours)! We also have a tutorial on how to use these wraps. A selection of the restocked items:

Dread wrap in beautiful warm colours: red, brown and rust. € 15,90
Dreadwrap black, army green and black
Dreadwrap black, army green and black. € 15,90

Black dread wrap: simple yet stylish. € 15,90

A very big, silver coloured dread bead. € 1,40
Gold coloured dread bead with flowers
Gold coloured dread bead with flowers. € 0,80

A small, but detailed dread bead with Buddha faces. € 0,70

Fine felting needle € 1,20. Per 2: € 1,95. Advice: use this needle only to occasionaly repair a bump. Do not use it regularly on the whole dreadlock. Hairs can break and weaken the dread when used too often on the same spot.
Dread bead mushroom
Exclusively on mushroom pendant attached to ring for your dreads. € 1,50

Large, knitted dreadtam in dark purple € 11,90

3. Dreadspullen on Twitter, Hyves and Facebook

Follow us on Twitter
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4. Free shipping until 10 December

Order while shipping is free! Grijp je kans! From 1 to 10 December we offer free shipping on all orders over 30 euro. Whether you live in Australia, or the Netherlands doesn't matter. Handling fees for PayPal and iDEAL still apply (€ 1,00 / € 0,90).

You don't need to take any action to get free shipping, except for ordering over 30 somewhere between 1 and 10 December (last day is 10 December until midnight Amsterdam time); the website will automatically show you the correct shipping costs. Have fun shopping!

5. Shipping delays in December

Please keep in mind that in December mail delivery can be delayed. Although in most cases you will get your order within the estimated period (or even faster), we have some crucial information.

We do ship your order as fast as we can once we have received the payment, but nevertheless we will give you 3 tips:

  1. Pay using PayPal or Creditcard through PayPal (but not an eCheck!), or iDEAL (only in The Netherlands). These are instant payment methods. This way we get your order quickly to the post office.
  2. Order and pay: the sooner, the better. You will have the best chances to receive your order on time.
  3. Do you live outside the Netherlands, do not hesitate to ask for additional (faster) shipping or tracking options. We will inform you about the delivery times and extra costs, after which it is up to you to decide.
IMPORTANT: please realize that we can never guarantee delivery times, but use the estimates given by the mail companies. If your order doesn't reach you in that time, don't panic. You can contact us about it. Sometimes there are delays at the mail companies, about which we can inform you. When we observe serious delays (either from customers, or outher sources) we will mention it on the homepage, Twitter and Facebook.

Dr. Bronners

6. Free samples with Dr. Bronner's products

Dr. Bronner's soaps are mostly organic AND fair trade. Can be used as dread shampoo, but also as normal soap. And: when you order 2 or more, we will put in some free samples. Prices start at 5,90, available as soap bar or liquid soap.

Last but not least: we wish you a great December month, whether you choose to party your ass off, or simply chilling with the family.

Dready greetings from the Dreadspullen team!

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