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newsletter | December 2010

Those who followed us onTwitter, know that a new brand of dread products was about to enter the shop... and it is here! Dreadlovers for the lovers of dreadlocks. We also have some advice for your December purchases. Last but not least: until 7 December free shipping on all orders over 20 Euro. So don´t miss out on this!


You can always check our special offers at, the newest articles can be found on An overview of all dread beads, sorted by holesize, is here: Piercing jewelry by gauge size can be found on this page:

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In this newsletter:

  1. Dreadlovers ... for dread lovers
  2. Dreadspullen on Twitter, Hyvesandn Facebook
  3. Free shipping until 7 December
  4. Delivery times in December
  5. Crochet your own dread hat?

1. Dreadlovers ... for dread lovers

We are very proud to introduce you the new brand Dreadlovers. These products, from Belgium, are developed by and for dreadheads.

Eau de Dread

Eau de Dread is a spray to effectively combat less pleasant smells. Perfect if you´re working in a restaurant, or just quickly want to improve your dread smell. As the name reveals, Eau de Dread is an alcohol based spray. It also contains natural extracts from differents species of plants.


Because washing your dreadlocks improves the lockung up proces, a shampoo is also part of the Dreadlovers brand. Packaged in a beautiful bottle, this shampoo will clean well without being too harsh. It has a lovely perfume, thanks to the extracts of (amongst others) lavender, tea tree and lemon balm.

Eau de Dread, available in the following flavours Male Breeze, Patchouli Love, Neutral Scent and Spring Break. Available from 9 December: Coco Nuts. € 10,90

Shampoo Dreadlovers, available from 14 December, € 10,90

2. Dreadspullen onp Twitter, Hyves and Facebook

Our first 3 give-aways (handmade dread hats!) have been sent to our winning Twitter followers. If you would like to stay informed, you can follow us on Twitter, Hyves and Facebook. You´ll get previews of new products, updates on restocked products and of course all promotional information like give-aways and contests.

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3. Free shipping until 7 December

Act fast! Until 7 december we offer free shipping. The only requirement is that you have a product total of 20 euro or more. And whether you live in Canada or the Netherlands, it does not matter! You do however pay a small amount of fees if you pay with PayPal or iDEAL (resp. € 1,00 and € 0,90).

You do not need to anything special; the website automatically shows you the correct shiping costs. Have fun shopping!

4. Delivery times in december

In Germany: all shipments have some delay, due to the terrorism alert.

For all countries we advise you to order as soon as possible, because Christmas volumes can delay delivery. We do ship your order as fast as we can once we have received the payment, but nevertheless we will give you 3 tips:

  1. Pay using PayPal or Creditcard through PayPal (but not an eCheck!), or iDEAL (only in The Netherlands). These are instant payment methods. This way we get your order quickly to the post office.
  2. Order and pay: the sooner, the better. You will have the best chances to receive your order on time.
  3. Do you live outside the Netherlands, do not hesitate to ask for additional (faster) shipping options. We will inform you about the delivery times and extra costs, after which it is up to you to decide.
IMPORTANT: please realize that we can never guarantee delivery times, but use the estimates given by the mail companies.

5. Crochet your own dread hat?

Who has been following us, knows that we have made some pretty dread hats. And the crochet virus is spreading! We got quite a lot of question: whther we could make a custom hat, e-mail the patterns and when they will be for sale.
The bad news is that we really do not have the time to do custom hat orders. The good news is, that we will sell a limited number of handmade dread hats soon. And, exclusively for newsletter subscribers: we offer one pattern for free!

Information crochet pattern

The pattern we are providing is from the turquoise dread cap. To be able to follow the pattern, you need have some experience with crochet patterns. Can you dream things like double crochet, clusters, chains, slip stitches, increase and decrease? Then this pattern will be a piece of cake.

What you need:

  • Crochet hook 5 mm
  • 200 grams thick yarn (we used acrylic yarn of 65 meters/50 grams)

This hat is suitable for a lot of dreads. Tha pattern comes in 2 variations: 1 for smaller head sizes (S/M) and a larger one. We do admit that we wanted to wait with publishing this pattern. We have some pics and vids ready for explaining crochet stitches. If you are not too experienced, please have a little patience. Otherwise: have fun making this hat!

How to gel hold of the crochet pattern?

Exclusively for newsletter subscribers: download the PDF file with free crochet pattern of the dread hat.

Dready greetings from the Dreadspullen team!

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