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newsletter | october 2010

Yes, we are still here! Despite an onging flu the last 2 weeks we just won't stop adding new products to the shop. We have some very pretty beads, Dr. Bronner's soaps (receive a free small soap bar with every Dr. Bronner's order!) and we have some other nice give-aways. And our newsletter would not be complete without some interesting background info on dreadlocks. This time we take a look at the Baye Fall. This is an islamic brotherhood in Senegal, who regard dreadlocks as a default part of their looks.

You can always check our special offers at, the newest articles can be found on An overview of all dread beads, sorted by holesize, is here: Piercing jewelry by gauge size can be found on this page:

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In this newsletter:

  1. Exclusive beads, made in the EU: at
  2. Follow us on Twitter and win handmade dread hats
  3. Fair trade AND organic for your dreads. Dr. Bronner's has arrived, with some free soap.
  4. Back to the roots part II: Baye Fall
  5. Upload your photo and win!

1. Exclusive beads, made in the EU: at

On the search for some special dread beads, we found a supplier who are producing their beads in Europe. That is pretty extraordinary, as more and more gets produced in Asia, where working conditions are far from perfect. Fortunately our EU beads don't suffer from this. They're also of a very good quality, and we feel they're well worth the money. Judge for yourself:

Metal tube Oriental (hole: 7,5 mm), € 3,75

Metal tube Palm leafs (hole: 8,5 mm), € 2,90

2. Follow us on Twitter and win handmade dread hats

Yes, we have recently started twittering (mainly in English): We need to get the hang of it a bit more, but those who follow us, can count on:

  • special promotions
  • previews of new products
  • important announcements for customers
  • restocked products
  • some more Twitter brain output ... (what Twitter was intended for)

To celebrate the opening of our Twitter channel, we will give away 3 special products: 3 hand made dread hats by me (Linda). The RRP of these will be about 30 Euro. 28 November, the last Sunday of November, we will pick 3 random winners from all our followers. So make sure you follow us before 28 november to join the sweepstake. Good luck!

3. Fair trade AND organic for your dreads. Dr. Bronner's has arrived, with some free soap.

Dr. Bronner's is a family run company in the USA, whot have been producing soap since 1858. Today Dr. Bronner's magic soaps are known worldwide as a great dread shampoo. They contain lots of essential oils (we have 6 flavours at present), and some users even advise you to dilute the soaps.
Besides the good properties of the essential oils, the soaps are for the most part organic and fair trade. Obviously (and that is the case for ALL products that we sell at ithey have not been testing on animals. The liquid soap is packed in a bottle made of recycled plastic. The soap itself is biodegradable and therefore also perfect for camping. Although at this time of the year that may not be the best way to spend your holidays ;)

The liquid shampoo is available in a 230 ml bottle, and the most popular variants also in a large, almost 1 liter, bottle; these cost resp. € 8,50 and € 17,90. Furthermore we also have the soap bars with the same essential oils (€ 5,90). And as long as our stock lasts... with EVERY DR. BRONNER'S ORDER: a FREE 28 gram rose soap bar.

Here is an overview of the 6 soap variants:
Tea Tree
Baby Mild

4. Back to the roots part II: Baye Fall

In our previous news letter we introduced you to the Saddhi, Hindu men with very long dreads, who live an ascetic live in India and Nepal. This time we take a trip to a different continent: Africa.

In Senegal you're bound to meet them: men with dreadlocks, in colourful quilted or indigo clothing. Quite a chance that these are the followers of Ibrahim Fall. He was a disciple and best friend of Cheikh Amadou Bamba, the founder of the islamic Mouride Sufi brotherhood. The Baye Fall, a sub-group of the Mouride brotherhood, believe like the Mourides that through hard work you will get closer to god and have your sins washed away. Even the profession of a beggar seems to be part of the doctrine of hard work.

Not all Baye Fall have dreads, and not all Senegalese with dreads are Baye Fall. Yet the two are intrinsically related. Ibra Fall wore dreads, and having dreadlocks nowadays is like a tribute to him. Women may also be his followers, and are then called Yaye Fall. You can view a beautiful music vid from Madelayne and Thioro Mbaye, 2 Yaye Fall sisters.

Some photos and links

Baye Fall vs. Baye Faux
Cheikh Lô, the best known Baye Fall mustic artist

5. Upload your photo and win!

As with each newsletter, we give away credit to use in the shop, to those who uploaded their photos. Take a look here for the ones we have received so far.
To let you know we appreciate your pics, we will randomly choose 3 people, who uploaded a photo, to give a 10 euro credit to on 28 November.

Do you have a picture of you with a bead, piercing jewel or hat for example that you bought at Dreadspullen? Then log in, go to the product page and click "Upload your photo" (just beneath the small products pics).

Every photo on the page customers' photos equals 1 chance to win. Other rules: when you win with your photo, that photo will not count for the following give-aways. You cannot win more than 1 prize per time. Winners are chosen randomly by a computer. If you've won, you will receive a notification by email. You can only compete if you upload your photo through the website and that photo gets approved. More about uploading photos: FAQ

Dready greetings from the Dreadspullen team!

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