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newsletter | july 2009

Here is the latest newsletter, with lots of new products on our way, and other interesting offers: our popular 12-in-1 headbands will be available in 6 new colours, and up to 20 july you can take advantage of our free shipping offer and a free badge. Lately we have been adding a large number of new products. These can be found on our site.

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In this newsletter:

  1. New colours 12-in-1 headbands
  2. Back in stock: pretty cotton dread hats
  3. Upload your photo and win!
  4. Expected: new beads, plugs and hats
  5. FREE SHIPPING and FREE PIN BADGE: how, what, where

1. New colours 12-in-1 headbands

The 12-in-1 headband was already available black, but these versatile headbands are expected any moment in the following 6 colours (€ 4,50):

Keep checking the website, as they are about to arrive any time now!

2. Back in stock: pretty cotton dread hats

We have just recently restocked our knitted, 100% cotton dread hats. They are pretty large and suitable for longer dreads. Here's a tiny selection of the hats with brim:

Black ribbed hat with rasta stripes

€ 15,90

Dark brown ribbed hat

€ 15,90
Dark green tam with brimp

€ 14,90

You can always check our special offers at, the newest articles can be found on An overview of all beads, sorted by holesize, is here: Piercing jewelry by gauge size can be found on this page:

3. Upload your photo and win!

We are receiving a lot of customer photos, and we're thrilled you are still sending us your photos. Whether it's a pic from a plug, hat or dread bead. Take a look here for the photos we have received so far. To let you know we appreciate you sending us your photos, we wil give away a credit of 10 euro to 3 different customers, 1 August. We will inform the winners that night about their prize.

Every photo on the page customers' photos equals 1 chance to win one of the three scarves. Other rules: when you win with your photo, that photo will not count fur the following give-aways. You cannot win more than 1 prize. Winners are chosen randomly by a computer. If you've won, you will receive a notification by email. You can only compete if you upload your photo throug the website and that photo gets approved. More about uploading photos: FAQ

4. Expected: new beads, plugs and hats

The following weeks we are expecting all kinds of pretty products: beads, hats, piercing jewelry, too much to show here at once. A tiny preview:

Brown tam, cotton
Black, glass, facetted plugs

(Already availableOp dit moment al beschikbaar in de transparante versie)
Metalen dreadkraal met zwart motief

5. FREE SHIPPING and FREE PIN BADGE: how, what, where

Get free shipping if you order at it's latest 20 July and for more than 30 euro of products. Do pay your order as soon as possible, as it will only be valid for 30 days. And this offer is also for customers that live outside the Netherlands!

The rules:

  1. you order for more than 30 euro of products. One warning: this concerns the product total minus a credit, if applicable. Make sure that you are logged in, when you put products in your cart. That way you will see if your order gets free shipping.
  2. On the checkout page you will automatically seer 0 euro shipping costs, if you have ordered enough. If you do not see 0 euro shipping, you do not have enough in you cart!
  3. The PayPal fee en iDEAL fee (resp. 1 euro and 0,90 euro) are not part of the shipping costs, and these will have to be paid.
  4. It does not matter in which country you live
  5. From 21 July no free shipping anymore, no exceptions!

We will soon have to offer a free button, with a nice graphic design. This one is for everyone who orders for over 10 euro, as long as our stock lasts, and max. 1 per order.
If you order for less, and you would still like to get this button, it will be also be available to order. Once we will have received the buttons, we will inform you on the homepage, and promised: that won't be long anymore!

We would like to wish you a very good summer, with many good days to come,

Dready greetings from the Dreadspullen team!

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