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I shouldnt have believed comment, lol

ha! someone else wrote here in the comments that you don't ship to the us but as i look around, it seems you do 😊 good news!
Posted by: LydianonDate: 21 Mar 2016


i'm just looking around online for ideas for headwraps and found your site. my dreads are so long, i need to start wrapping them. it seems you don't ship to the us? too bad. 😔 thank you, have a good day.
Posted by: LydianonDate: 21 Mar 2016


bless...bless! i received my orders yesterday and was surprised they came so early! thanks! everything is very nice even though two of them are too big for my dreads but this is not any problem cause i love them all! very fast shipment and all is super! respect!!!
Posted by: EmpressDate: 2 Oct 2014

Fast delivery

i love ordering from your shop, because i know that the things i order are the things i'll receive.
max 3 days after the order i have the stuff in my hand and i am super please that it doesn't take longer!
Posted by: TTDate: 7 Nov 2013

USA wi

yes awesome site an products, i've never diy.d a store to even walk into for dreds! :-( for sure need some around here i love my dreds. no shop to me :-(
Posted by: Jasmine kayDate: 1 Dec 2012

Thank YOU!

i just received my package from y'all and my only regret is that i didn't place a larger order! i got beads, a patch, and an earring. i was surprised to see how great the quality was for everything, considering the low prices. keep it up! and keep us all lookin cool
Posted by: Tiffany USADate: 9 Apr 2012

I love you

i love-love-love the things i ordered! you are so awesome!!!
Posted by: lizaDate: 21 Mar 2012


i wish you all shipped to the usa we have a shortage of stores like this.
Posted by: sandyDate: 6 Mar 2012

Love love love

got everything faster than i thought, i love my hearband and beads ^^ will order again soon! yup bonus points ;)
Posted by: TessDate: 18 Nov 2011

Cute stuff

i got my things in no time at all. neat organized packages. adorable and unique products. i get looks and compliments each time i wear my 12 in 1 hair band. i am in love with the store. made my second order the next week :)
Posted by: TobiDate: 24 Aug 2011

Guaranteed SATISFACTION!!!!

i appreciate your professionalism, and wonderful products. you also have excellent shipping time. keep up the great work:)
Posted by: TiaDate: 15 Jun 2011

Re: My order =)

i freaking <3 you guys!! you have awesome products, fast delivery and great prices!!!
Posted by: Angel Date: 10 May 2011

great service

took only 6 days including weekend. good prices, will continue shopping here. thanks very much...

Posted by: TomsDate: 1 Mar 2011

**perfect** !

awesome products. fast delivery. good prices.
i love you guys ;)
Posted by: GiuliaDate: 11 Feb 2011

Great stuff and lovely service..

i very much like the fast email response. no more than half and hour ;) thats good service!
Posted by: JanniDate: 16 Dec 2010

Great service and super-fast delivery!

got a really fast reply to my questions and then my order was delivered within 18 hours of it being placed! you have a new fan and i will definitely be back. much love.
Posted by: SueDate: 27 Apr 2010

Good service

very good service and fast shipping !!
Posted by: MartinaDate: 3 Mar 2010

thanks for all your guidance

dankie and thank you very much to all live free and respect all cause all is uniqe one earth
Posted by: leonDate: 29 Oct 2009

Thank you!

thank you for a fast communication and excellent customer care. everything was just as it says on the website. brilliant!

one love!
Posted by: ACDate: 8 Oct 2009


ola..recebi hoje a minha encomenda, obrigado pela rapidez de resposta em enviar os productos; )
acabei agora de lavar as minhas dreads e adorei!!

muito obrigado por tudo.
Posted by: jahvaiDate: 20 Jun 2009


blessed love just writing to give thanks, i just recieved i order, the i's are serious people and i can olny talk well about this website!!!
blessed love
Posted by: EMPRESS MAMA MKUNGADate: 22 Apr 2009

My product


ik heb een bestelling gedaan en in 1 a 2 dagen heb ik al mijn bestelling gekregen.ik heb de knotty boy en hq echt goede product en ze ruiken lekker.

echt goeie site en goeie service en goeie producten ga zo door.

Posted by: DreadlocksDate: 9 Jun 2008


great site and fine stuff. i'm one of those who want to see the stuff irl before i buy though.. would be so perfect if you came to fullmoon festival in germany. there are loads of dreaded people there, but not a single dread stuff shop, at least last year there was none at all. just a little tip
Posted by: sofiaDate: 7 May 2008

Thank you!

hi linda,
thanks for the fantastic beads - i absolutely love them
Posted by: Bronwen in AustraliaDate: Aug 29 2007


today I searched for some Dread Beads and was directed to your shop. I am not quite good at speaking your Language and so I was happy to see that your Shop is available in English, too. I like your Shop, especially the Beads are great! I'd like to have a shop like this in my town...

Greets from Germany
Posted by: ThorDate: Jun 7 2007

reaction from the shopowner

HI Jan, thanks for your compliment! Please note that on every page where a bead is, you can find the size of the hole, length and width of the bead. That way you can prevent buying too big or too small beads.

Pabilo and Anna: thank you!
Posted by: LindaDate: Nov 12 2006

Great Stuff

Yeah, you got great stuff in your shop!
But some of your beads are really damn small. For nearly anyone it is impossible to get them on any lock. I m lucky havin 4 locks which are damn thin.
Posted by: Jan^Date: Nov 12 2006


Very Very Very nice homepage!!
Posted by: PabiloDate: Nov 11 2006


Hi, I am very happy with the hat I ordered. Very cool
Posted by: annaDate: Nov 2 2006

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