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I did not receive an order confirmation by email. Now what?

After confirming the order, Dreadspullen send 2 emails.

The first one is sent right away and contains an overview of the ordered products. If you do not receive this email, something is probably wrong with your email address. If you are still logged in, go to "My account" to check the address. If neccessary, you can edit it there (and still receive the second confirmation mail). Also check if your mailbox is not over it's quota. If the address is a working email address, and you did not receive the order confirmation, please contact us (quote your order number and an alternative email address if possible!). When you cannot log in, then you might have made a typing error during registration. In this case also: please contact us (please type down your name, address, what you ordered so we can find your order). In any case: do not order again!!

If you did receive the first, automatically sent order confirmation you should receive a second email within 2 working days: with shipping costs, the order total and payment information. Please keep in mind that weekends and holidays are not working days. When you place your order on Friday you should (at the latest) receive the second confirmation email by Tuesday. Is it taking longer? Please contact us (please quote your order number!)

You can find the order number - if you are logged in - at