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FAQ - Payment

I do not live in the Netherlands. Is it possible to transfer money into your bank account?

If you live in one of the 32 SEPA countries (EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland), you can simply transfer the money to our bank account. According to th SPA rules your bank is not allowed to charge you more for a transfer with IBAN (international bank account number) and BIC (bank identifier code) than a transfer within your country.

We provide you ofcourse with the IBAN and BIC and other neccessary information to transfer the money according to the rules. The usual terms are: providing the IBAN and BIC, fees shared between sender and benificiary (SHA, or Shared Costs), in euros, and no urgency. Furthermore the payment needs to be done electronically (the bank can do this for you). The payment takes on average 4 or 5 working days to arrive here. If this will be the first time you're doing an international money transfer: inform with your bank for any special requirements (especially in the UK)! A bank can always have requirements which we cannot forsee. But, once you've done such a payment, you'll be surprised how easy it is.