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FAQ - Shipment

How much are the shipping costs of my order?

When you view your shopping cart and checkout, you will see an estimate of the shipping costs. When you are not logged in, and add your first product to your cart, the website will therefore ask what your country is.
Shipping costs can vary from 1,25 euro to 30 euro, depending on the size and weight of the order. View shipping rates. After confirming you will receive 2 emails: the first one is automatically generated confirmation of the ordered products, the second one contains the final shipping costs and order total.

Always wait for the second email before doing a bank wire transfer, because the site software can be wrong. Wit PayPal you can pay right away, but if the site turned out te be wrong, it can happen that we ask you to a bit extra or you get a refund. But, in 99% of the cases the amount shown on the website is correct.