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FAQ - Product returns

Something is wrong with the order I received. Now what?

You have received your order, but a product is missing, a wrong product has been sent or has been damaged during shipping? Contact us as soon as possible by email. The right product will be shipped so you will get what you payed for. We might ask you to return the wrong product. In that case we will pay for the shipping ofcourse as we made the error. Never send products back without consulting us.

PLEASE NOTE: in order to get compensation you are always obliged to report it within 2 weeks after reception by email. This is because of our stock administration: we will then be able to verify it and (re)ship the product, and prevent other customers to have problems with their order because of faulty stock numbers.

In case of damaged or wrongly sent products, you should also provide a visual proof, such a digital picture.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!