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"Dreadspullen" is Dutch for dread stuff. The webstore was started in the autumn of 2005 by Linda, proud owner of 53 real locks.

" From the moment I had dreads, I had this idea of starting a web shop. It was pretty hard to get all to dread stuff I wanted. An afro store does not always have nice beads, and bead stores always have a few beads with big holes to fit dreads. Good products for maintaining dreads were also hard to come by. Wax from Lets Dred was pretty easy to find, but other products like felting needles, Dread Head HQ products and Knotty Boy were all for sale in different shops.
During my quest for goodies I was also practising my crocheting skills. All this brought me to really begin my webshop; something which I don't regret, because it is very nice to search, find and make products for dreadlocks!"

The product offer on has been very much extended; you will find piercing jewelry, hats, head bands and much more types of fashion accessories. Linda gets help from Roland and Sacha to offer the best service possible.


Dreadspullen tries to meet the specific needs that people with real dreadlocks experience. Dreadspullen does this by carefully selecting and selling of dread related products. Environmental and animal friendly products are always prefered.

Dreadspullen would like to be kept informed about the wishes of dreadies to serve it's customers in the best way possible. If you have a request or an idea for a product, please contact us.



Agnietenstraat 42
6822 JV Arnhem

Email: info [at]

Company information

Company registration number: 58543457 (Arnhem)Company name: Dreadcat
VAT id number: NL1893.17954.B02

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